Come join us behind our table! We’re looking for a team to help us grow our community!



One half day commitment (5 hours) per week as a volunteer community leader will:

  • Give you access to our space during business hours every weekday

  • Get you special invites to exclusive programming

  • Access to team building exercises and workshops to jump start your business

  • Feature you on our community leader board as part of the TableSpace Team

What is a community leader?

Community leaders are welcoming faces you see behind the front desk when you walk in - they are our ambassadors of our space and help to connect members so they are able to cowork and collaborate in the space by:

  • Signing up new members and drop in users

  • Making sure there is always a pot of coffee brewed

  • Walking around the space to make sure everything stays tidy

  • Watering our array of plant babies :)

  • Answering any questions our members have about booking rooms, events or memberships!

  • And other small tasks like taking out the garbage, running the dishwasher, setting up the projector, from time-to-time

  • Get your own work done in the downtime!


The program runs 6 months from November 1 to April 30. Our goal is that by the end of the 6-month period, you will have graduated to the next level of success in your business and achieved the goals you set out to reach on day one.

During the 6-month program, TableSpace will be organizing check-ins for leaders, to keep you accountable to your month by month business goals, and you’ll be invited to various workshops to set yourself up for success.

If this sounds like something for you,

Applications will be accepted until Sunday October 21, 2019 at 11:59PM.