What is Coworking?

Coworking is changing the work experience as it provides collaborative and innovative office space solutions for people to grow their businesses. It is generally defined as flexible, membership-based workspaces where diverse groups of freelancers, remote workers, and other independent professionals work together in a shared, communal setting.

Is Coworking a better alternative than traditional office spaces?

We think so! Here’s why joining TableSpace is better than getting your own office space:

-    Affordable & Flexible - Lose the long-term lease that eats up your cash flow. Keep your overhead low and invest more in your business.

-    Scalable - Only pay for the space you need. Need to upgrade or downgrade? Not a problem.

-    Hassle-Free - Don’t worry about who’s ordering coffee or setting up the Internet. All of that is included in your monthly membership, so you can focus your time and energy on what matters to your business.

-    Grow Your Client Roster Without Leaving - Client acquisition starts here as you’ll share the space with other businesses and startups looking to grow. Coworking is the new networking! Tough to do from your own office/home office, and a lot less expensive.

How can we visit the space before purchasing a membership?

You are welcome to tour our space by setting up an appointment with us HERE

What amenities that are provided to the member?

All members will have access to our kitchenette equipped with coffee, tea, water and snacks. We also provide printing, lockers, interactive apps, YouTube/Podcast rooms, membership discounts on educational classes, events, meeting room rentals and more!

Can I talk on the phone or is there a designated phone area?

We have 2 private phone booths, or you can take your calls in our lounge area.  Our space is not meant to be silent like a library but we do ask you to keep a considerate noise level.

Can I use TableSpace as my Business Address?

Yes it is included in the Goal Getter and Rising Star membership.

Do you have month-month memberships?  

All membership are month-month as we provide you with the utmost flexibility and affordability! We know what it’s like to be on a tight budget. That's why we deliver a flexible, professional workspace that works with any budget.

What kind of events do you host for members?

Workshops, Speaker Sessions, Community Events. Our events are designed to facilitate meaningful conversations and deliver actionable ideas to grow your business.

Membership Discounts

Goal Getter members enjoy special discounts to our events, and event space rentals.



Plenty of parking is available on Gertrude and some parking in the back of the building. 

Is there a minimum commitment?

For private offices we require a minimum 1 year commitment, while all other memberships are month to month.

Is a deposit required?

We do require a one month deposit for both our private offices and dedicated desk memberships to be used towards your last month. We just require a 30 day cancellation notice.

Do I need to have rental insurance?

Rental insurance is not a requirement but we do recommend it for members with Private Offices.


Can I only work out of the space during “office hours”?

Private office members have 24/7 access. Office hours for the other membership packages are 8AM-6PM (for upcoming extended hours check our calendar). 


Do I need a certain type of membership to book a meeting space?

Anyone can book our meeting rooms, if you are an TableSpace Goal Getter member you will receive a 10% discount towards the booking.


Do you allow outside groups to book at TableSpace for meetings or events?

Yes, anyone can book meeting rooms, however events need to be approved by management.


How can I book a meeting room?

Please book here (link to calendar) and fill out the booking request form. We will contact you for further information if needed.

Can I bring outside clients in for meetings? Do I need to book a meeting room for this?

You can absolutely bring clients in for a meeting, we do ask that you book a meeting room if you plan on meeting longer than 30 minutes.

Do you have printing services?

Yes we have printers onsite. Free 50 black and white for the Goal Getter memberships. It is an additional fee of $0.10 for black & white, $0.25 for colour per page.


What if I want to try coworking, but I’m not convinced it’s for me or I’m unsure if TableSpace is the right fit for me?

Come in for a tour and try it out for the day for FREE. Meet some of our members, enjoy some coffee and conversation, then decide if you'd like to join. Remember there is no long-term commitment needed, try it for a month and if it's not for you, you do not have to stay.