To TableSpace where you can cowork, connect and collaborate all in one place.


Forget the isolation of home and the over-crowded coffee shops.

Intentionally designed with you in mind, Tablespace offers a professional setting to meet with clients and team members, a creative, productive atmosphere and a place to call “home” base within your budget. 



We offer creators a place to thrive and grow. We believe in the coworking concept as a place to succeed, celebrate your wins, work your way through the chaos and live your best life while we take care of the rest.



Tablespace is a place for entrepreneurs, small business owners and professionals who need a space to reach their goals and connect with like-minded individuals. It is a space intentionally designed with entrepreneurs and creators in mind. Our beautiful work space features an open workspace, private meeting rooms, phone booths, podcast/YouTube rooms and a mix of lounge and office seating. We offer flexible memberships, whether you need a full time private office or a place to stop in for a few hours a week. We will try and accommodate each and every individual or team. 



As a TableSpace member you will have access to our community events, wellness workshops, and fitness classes. We aim to create a sense of awareness through self care. We offer our members exclusive access to a curated range of enriching mindfulness and mediation yoga workshops to help strike that ever elusive work life balance. Take a time out, put notifications on mute and join us as we help you through this exciting journey ahead. 


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